We have a new section. The section is called
PSSMWG - Quickies. This are very short movies
(aprox. 30 seconds to 1 min) where Patricia
shoots down a guy. No Story, no speaking.
You will them here.

3 Replies to “PSSMWG – Quicky”

  1. Great Idea. Any chance you can do a POV shot of Patricia shooting at the camera. Maybe at a slight downward angle so it looks like the camera is already on the ground. She always looks so orgasmically happy shooting. Maybe have her firing a bunch of shots.

  2. Quickies are a great idea but they still could have a 30 second plot. Maybe we could see Patricia as a blond, brunette, and redhead sometimes.. And in each film she is wearing different black leather clothes. And she is shooting the victim at a different angle in each film (side view, back view, front view).

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