Hi everybody

Here a new PSSMWG INSIDE with some new information.

First of all sorry for the lacks of updates, but I had a bad health (multiple times ill and an accident) but now I'm on the way of recovery. 


You can see our new calendar "UPCOMING PSSMWG EVENTS AND CONTENT" at the bottom of the page.

New premium pictures

We have shot new pictures with Patricia and Jessica (this weekend we will shot with Angelina). I need some times to edit them, but we have shot multiple sets so we have now material to publish for some months 😉

Our last set of premium pictures can be found in our digital shop.

New premium movie and Quickies

We hope we can shoot a new PSSMWG Quicky + this week and a PSSMWG Quicky with Angelina this weekend. Then we are also working on a new PSSMWG Movie.