Hi everybody

Here a new PSSMWG INSIDE with some new information. We publish PSSMWG INSIDE from now on on a quartely base. 


New premium pictures

We are working at a new premium pictures set with gungirl Patricia. A first preview is coming soon. Our last set of premium pictures can be found in our digital shop.










New PSSMWG Quicky+

Our last PSSMWG Quicky+ can be found here. The quicky is called "Deadly Shower" and Patricia is killing a men wither fully loaded Walther P22. She is wearing  hot PVC Mini Skirt with stockings. 

We hope we can shoot an additional new PSSMWG Quicky+ in the upcoming next weeks with Patricia.





New PSSMWG Premium Movie

We are  working on a new PSSMWG Premium Movie, the story is finished and the title of the movie is "BOUND".  Unfortunately it takes a little bit longer to shot and cut the movie. 

New PSSMWG Starterbundle

This is the ultimativ starter bundle as a PSSMWG rookie. Patricia in hot outfits with her different loaded guns. Safe 15% in relation to a single buy. 

More information


PSSMWG Custom Movies

You have an idea for a PSSMWG Quicky or Premium Movie? You want us to shot this idea as custom movie for you? No problem. Send Sascha a privat message via the page with your ideas and wishes and he will look what is possible.

Send PM

Custom Movie for PSSMWG Shop (Available for purchase for all)150$
Privat Custom Movie (Only available for the customer)200$
+ Other male actor then Sascha+ 50$
+ Additional Gungirl+ 50$
+ Special wishes or complicated scens+ min 50$