Hi everybody

Here a new PSSMWG INSIDE with some new information. First of all sorry for the lack of updates, we had again some Custom Movie to shoot in one time and so we didn't find the time to shoot general content for the page. 

New PSSMWG Premium Pictures

We are working at a new premium pictures set with gungirl Patricia. The set is called: Hotel Shot Reloaded. Our last set of premium pictures can be found in our digital shop.








New PSSMWG Quicky+

We are working on a new PSSMWG Quicky+. In this Quicky the Walther PPK has a comeback! And a new PVC coat has also his premiere. 

New PSSMWG Starterbundle

This is the ultimativ starter bundle as a PSSMWG rookie. Patricia in hot outfits with her different loaded guns. Safe 15% in relation to a single buy. 

More information