Hi everybody

Here a new PSSMWG INSIDE with some new information.

First of all a very big sorry for the long time with no new information from our site. We had technical problems (IT / movie equipment) which where very frustrating. Now everything is normalizing. 

New PSSMWG Premium Pictures

We are working at a new premium pictures set with gungirl Patricia. The set is called: "Hitwoman – Patricia in Stockings". Our last set of premium pictures can be found in our digital shop.

New PSSMWG Quicky+

We will shot a new PSSMWG Quicky+ soon" with gungirl Patricia. 

New PSSMWG Movie Scene Reenact

Again sorry that the movie is not released yet. We have shot the whole movie and then in the post production I realized that the microphon was not on 🙁 So we have to reshoot the all the scenes. 

Privat Message System - REMINDER

The PM system is back and you can send us messages. You can find it here.