Hi everybody

This is a message in own thing.

We have decided to deactivate our PSSMWG Facebook account in the next upcoming days.

Why are we doing that?
Each social media channel must be maintained and this needs time from our site. In the last past weeks we have done some analyses and the conclusion is clear for us: We are not generating enough clicks so that effort und income is in a balance.
What we don't whant is to have a channel and not to maintain it. So we have decided to deactivate our Facebook presence. Our TWITTER and FLICKR presences has allready been suspended.

Is this the first step to shut down PSSMWG?
No, definitely not. It's only a step to focus our resources to the imporant things of the page: Girls with Guns in movies and pictures

From where I can now obtain my information to PSSMWG?
Direct from PSSMWG.COM (Subscribe to our notification service) or from our YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/PSSMWG/community)

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