6 Replies to “Patricia with gun”

  1. I am looking forward to being your target.. I would not object to a group chopping-block scenario, but my favorite would be to suck on your gun.

  2. Wow, Pat, you look so dangerous and so fantastic on all the new photos. I like them all and I hope being able to enjoy much more of these fantastic work. You are not only one of some gungirls all over the world, you are the greatest of all goddesses holding a gun in her hand. I can’t await more of these sensational stuff ,so give us more, please. Thank you and Sascha for your great work and upload this to youtube, so I think you will get thousands of new fans (and victims).

  3. Patricia sei cosi sexy quando spari e che vedo che provi piacere a farlo che il mio più grande desiderio è farmi sparare da te fino a strisciare ai tuoi piedi per darti piacere! Ti adoro mia Dea!

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