Patricia with her .38 fully loaded--> 20 pictures in high-res are available in the digital shop

Patricia with her .38 Lady Smith fully loaded with real bullets --> 23 pictures in high-res are available in the digital shop

Patricia with her Beretta Cougar 8000 --> 21 pictures in high-res are available in the digital shop

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Patricia with her loaded Taurus .38 --> 20 pictures in high-res are available in the digital shop

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30 Replies to “Patricia in PVC”

  1. WOWOWOWOW!!! Sind diese fotos heiss und sexy. Vorallem noch eine mitnem Schuss, sieht geil aus und ich würde in dem moment gerne vor dir stehen..einfach dann ein BANG 🙂 Kiss an dich Patricia

  2. Hi Patricia,
    you are very sexy & powerfull in these photos, you are the best woman killer 🙂 i wish to be your target in one of your movie, can you please try the Walther PPK, in miniskirt, stockings and high heels pumps, it will be more sexy Patricia, you can also hide the Walther PPK in the top of your stockings, as a black Widow 🙂

  3. Hi Patricia. I’m new on this page and I like the page from the first minute. You are so natural beautifull, I love you with this PVC coat. Hope too see him with you shooting down Sascha in a movie. (sorry for the bad english)

  4. GRRRR…Was für heisse Pics…Patricia, du bist echt eine wunderschöne Frau. Siehst echt immer echt geil aus in Lack. Lack steht Dir einfach und die Knarre sowieso.

  5. I really appreciate the variety of poses, with different grasps – 1 handed, 2 handed; pictures from different angles, ect… thanks very much!

  6. My dear, you are drop-dead (pun intended!) gorgeous! Thanks so much for the new photo set!

    A tip for Sascha from one photographer to another: The straight-on flash can give some harsh shadows…..try bounce or a fill flash to the side. If you don’t have a fill flash, play with bounce and see what happens.

    You guys keep up the good work!

    Now, if I can just talk Patricia into giving me an afternoon for some shots………… 🙂


  7. i wish i could meet Patricia and if i could we could play my special game which include her
    guns with blanks and not with real bullets. i would say she is a very cute lady

  8. very nice photoset, it’s sad your free pictures are often better than the paid ones (too much light), you should also increase the rate of paid pictures to make this site more attractive with one of the hottest girl of the web!

    1. The paid pictures are also very good. I think they make a very good job with the equipement they have. Most of all they have much increase the quality in the last years! Of course they have room for improvement, but for example, I love the pictures with too much light!!!!! They are so future style.

  9. Amazing new set! Patricia has got to be just about the hottest gungirl on the ‘net. I would love to get you in the studio for a shoot, my dear. There are a probably a million jaw-dropping compositions that you could pull off.

    Keep up the good work!


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