A new PSSMWG Quicky PLUS has been released. This movie is also available in 4K.

There is no Escape

This is a new PSSMWG Quicky+. That means we upload a shorter version of the Quicky to YouTube for free. The full one with much more shots can be found in our digital shop in the category "Quicky PLUS".

  • Taurus .38 in action
  • 4 shots 
  • Hitwoman Patricia
  • Black leather pants and black leather coat
  • Written by a user
Hitwoman Patricia has a new assignment, to kill a guy who has talked to the police. Her .38 Taurus revolver will assist her.:)
Duration: 2:06 min
Shots: 4
Format: 4K as MP4 / FullHD as WMV File
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