Hi everybody

I have some important information about the new forum which is coming soon

Why a new forum?
The old forum system has rearch the end of life cycle. The technology behind the system is outdated and is causing problems in the backround of the system. Also there is a special bridge between the main page and the forum in order that both system can exchange datas. Also this bridge is outdated and I need to change the whole program.

When is the new forum go live?
The new forum is coming soon. I do the last preparations.

What will change?
The new forum has a new design and is fully compatible with tablet or smartphone view. The system should be more stable and with the new bridge system the problems in the backround should be gone.

Unfortunately it is not possible to migrate the posts and all private messages from the old to the new forum. I've tried a lot of things but all my efforts ended with corrupted datas.

--> At day X when the new forum is going live the old forum will be still active but the automatic data exchange will be deactivated and you need to login manualy in to the old forum. 

--> To login in the new forum you need first to login in the mainpage and then switch to the new forum. The first time a window will open and you will have to confirm your login with a simple click on a button. After that the automatic login in to the forum is activated. I will inform more detailed you about that when the new system is going live.