Soon the shooting of the movie will beginn.
The Story and the finacial has been provieded
by user Stefan33 and so the movie will come
for shure.

We make good Progress in filming, but it will take some weeks to finish the movie.
Stay tuned.....

The release of the movie is scheduled for the 15. April 2013
Thank you for all the contributions.


But now every user can help to do a better movie.
Support us monetary with an amount of  your choice,
so that we can invest in this movie.

Everybody who is investing in minimum $10 (or equivalent)
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Note: The link will be send to the e-mail-adress who is linked with
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First shot from the movie.


Story of the movie "She loves her Job'

Scene 1  Apartment. View is looking at victim’s back. He is tied to a chair and Patricia is standing in front of him at a slight angle to his left. She is holding her revolver to his head.

P: Too bad your wife wants you dead. But she hired the right person. I really like my job.

She slowly cocks the gun and pulls the trigger. She laughs as he jumps.

P: (to the victim) You know, my first kill was really fun. The idiot thought  I was a call girl and was shocked when I pulled out my .38   He didn’t know his business partner wanted him dead. The more I shot him the more excited I got,

Scene 2: Flashback. Patricia pulls out her gun and smiles excitedly as she shoots a guy four times . He struggles to get up but she kicks him with her boot and she shoots him two more times. She has a thrilled look on her face.

Scene 3: Apartment. Patricia  cocks the gun slowly again at her seated victim.  She aims right between the eyes.  She pulls the trigger and breathes heavily as he jumps again.

P: Then there was the guy who was sleeping when I sneaked into his room. He had stolen money from his boss. He probably thought he was dreaming of a girl in black leather.

Scene 4: Flashback. Patricia stands next to a bed where a guy is sleeping.(his back is to camera) She pulls out her gun and cocks it. This wakens him and he says “Who are you?” She says “Your worst nightmare” and shoots him twice. She takes the money off the bedstand and hears him moan.  She says, “Don’t worry. Your dream is over now” and shoots him two more times. She laughs and leaves.

Scene 5: Apartment. Patricia now puts the gun in his mouth and cocks the trigger. She very slowly cocks the trigger and licks her lips in excitement.

P: Mmmm, do you like the taste of my gun?  (She pulls the trigger and acts like she’s just had an orgasm).  And now it’s your turn,  But your wife  wants this  to last longer. And so do I!

She moves back and shoots him in the leg.

P: Aw, can’t you take a little pain?  How about the other leg?

She shoots him in the other leg.

P:  It’s just a flesh wound.  So is this one.

(View from side) She shoots him in the shoulder.

P:  You are holding up very well. How about another?

(View from side) She shoots him in the other shoulder.

P: Your wife wanted me to put a bullet in your crotch. I’m happy to do it.  Bye bye, asshole.

(View from side)  She shoots him in the crotch.

She goes to the door, then hesitates.

P: Maybe one more, just for fun.

(Distance shot, with victim in foreground) She shoots again, puts the gun in her belt, and leaves.