Hi everybody

We are making good progress to elimate the the 4 main pain points .

DSC_0746Here a little progress status:


  • More GunGirls --> We started a new attempt to cast new GunGirls for the page. After some castings we plan to let decide the community who will be the GunGirl(s) that will join us. --> [U] We are making progress, but it is very difficult to find more girls, but we will not quit.


  • Page Navigation --> A lot of participants told us, that the navigation on the page has become to complex. Sascha has begun to adjust the whole navigation and the first changes are allready live --> [U] Most all adjusts are live. We hope that the navigation is now clearer.


  • More updates / Better qualitiy --> In the future we will better plan content updates and only communicate future content when the content is ready to publish. We also see the problem with qualitiy issues, especially with the pictures. We will invest in some professional light-equipment for increase the quality. --> [U] At the moment we installing a fotostudio in our hobby room and today the new backround system has been delivered. It will takes some weeks to install everything, but we're making good progress.


  • Membership --> Some users have asked why we do not offer a monthly/annual fee for subscribing to the page like other pages in the net. We've made us some thoughts in the meantime and we plan now to offer such an option. Sascha will implant the technical needs and only when everything is working correct we will start with this service. But for now we are allready changing the membership-options. It is not longer necessary to register on the site if you want only to look the free stuff on the site. --> [U] The memberzone is in the beta test and we received good feedback from the beta tester. Important for us is, that we not want to scare away the users who want not pay a montly / yearly fee. We are not changing the service for our normal members and we will not adjust the price for our movies/pictures to buy at the moment. But users who are willing to pay the fee becomes an enhance service level.

Certainly we dont forget to produce content, but we want to invest some time to eliminate all the main points so good as we can. So we are sure, that we can afterwards invest the time in more and better content.