Hi everyone

We are excited to announce our new member subscriptions options and some other important messages.

Finaly we are ready to lunch our new member subscriptions options.

As we told in an earlier message, we are not changing the service for our normal members and we will not adjust the price for our movies/pictures to buy at the moment. But users who are willing to pay the fee becomes an enhance service level.

If you are interested in a member subscription you can find all informations here.

Than we have some informations about the other 2 main pain points:

  • More GunGirls --> We started a new attempt to cast new GunGirls for the page. After some castings we plan to let decide the community who will be the GunGirl(s) that will join us. --> [U] We making better progress than expected and in the next weeks we can introduce the candidates.
  • More updates / Better qualitiy --> In the future we will better plan content updates and only communicate future content when the content is ready to publish. We also see the problem with qualitiy issues, especially with the pictures. We will invest in some professional light-equipment for increase the quality. --> [U] Next weekend the fotostudio will be ready and the first pictures can be shot 🙂

When we complete the task with the fotostudio we will change in "normal" mode, that means, we will change our priorities to the content production. So you can expect new
content in february. Of course, if you have suggestions to the page, than let us know.