Hi everybody

Here is our new INSIDE PSSMWG.

Patricia has several jobs at the moment (theater, commercial spots, festival moderation) and is very absorbed. Then we will be
in summer holiday for the next three weeks in japan.

Search for a new Girl - On going

We are continuously searching a girl to join our site as a gungirl. Unfortunately we have no news at the moment.

Search for a new man (victim) - ACHIEVED

Good News: We finaly find a new men who will play a victim in the upcoming movies.

New PSSMWG Quicky - On going

A new PSSMWG Quicky is coming. I need to cut the movie.

New free/premium Pictures  - On going

A new pictures are also coming very soon.

New premium movie - On going

We have also planned to shot a new premium movie with the title "The heist". At the moment we have no release date but will keep you informed.

New Forum - On going

We have some problems to implent the new forum. We hope to solve the problems soon.

Patricia & Sascha

3 Replies to “INSIDE PSSMWG – EDITION 3/15”

  1. I love the work that you do. However, in order to stay relevant you need to have regular content additions……new content seems to be quite rare nowadays.

    1. Hi. Thank you for the feedback. Of course I see the point with the updates and we have always a bad conscience when there is long lack of updates. The idea is, when Patricia is very busy with her jobs we had some other gungirls so I can shot with them. But here is the next problem, it is so difficult to find some new gungirls and this plan don’t work at the moment. Hope the situation will change soon.

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