Hi everybody

From now on we will inform you monthly about actual topics that we are working on.

Search for a new girl

We are continuously searching a girl to join our site as a gungirl. But it is a very difficult "mission"! Often we thought we found somebody that will
match to page, but unfortunately this girls were unreliable and we never heard something or sunddly they are ill when we will shoot the movie. So
it's very frustrating but we will not capitulate and continue our search.

Search for a new man (victim)

We are currently also searching some new male victimes, so that Sascha can concentrate on write more scripts, cuting the movies and spend more
time to maintain the webpage.

New PSSMWG Quicky

Soon we will shoot a new PSSMWG Quicky and release it on YouTube for free. The quickies are very popular and it seems the people likes when Patrica shots her revovler multiple time on Sascha 🙂

New free/premium pictures

We have planned to shot some new pictures in the upcoming weeks. We will publish them like the last ones. Some will be for free (lower quality) and the
ones with the higher quality will be available in our digital shop for purchase. (Premium Members has the pictures for free of course)

New premium movie

We have also planned to shot a new premium movie with the title "The heist". At the moment we have no release date but will keep you informed.

New Forum

In the backround we are working at a new forum solution, because the old one is causing some problems since the last update. We will inform you when the new solution in implented.

So stay tuned on PSSMWG.CH

Patricia & Sascha