Hi everybody

New month and here is our new INSIDE PSSMWG.

The future of PSSMWG Quicky

PSSMWG Quickies are movies for free that we put on YouTube and we received money with ads. Unfortunately Youtube has changed her practices when a video is OK for ads. Advertisers avoid placing ads on videos that don't align with their brand and a lot of our movies on YouTube are affected of this new severe regulation. 

That mean for us, that we will produce much fewer PSSMWG Quickies. Not affected from this are PSSMWG Quickies+.

Page Optimization

The past days we worked on a few optimitations for the page speed. 

  • Deactivated a lot of older plugins and plugins not needed for speed loading improvements
  • Changed older plugins with new ones
  • Some Bug-Fixes
  • Beginn to update all pictures gallerys to a faster gallery tool (This will take a few weeks)
  • Enabled caching of the site. This should now improve the speed of the wohle site

Please report if you encounter some errors. 

New premium pictures

We will shot new pictures soon.

Our last set of premium pictures can be found in our digital shop.

New premium movie 

We are planning a new movie, soon we will share some information about the new planned movie.

Your last PSSMWG premium movie "The Blond Agent" is  available in our PSSMWG Shop. 


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