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Hitwoman Patricia – PVC Mini Skirt

Good evening Sascha and Patricia,

i was waiting for a long time for photos and videos of patricia killing a man in mini skirt, black sheer stockings and high heels shoes, i just purchased "

Hitwoman Patricia – PVC Mini Skirt

just 20 photos, but we can't see Patrizia shoes and legs, why ?

Hi. Sorry, to hear that you are not satisfied with the pictures. It was our first shot in the new studio and I have to admit that I have looked to much about the lights and the background instead of the motiv. We look to do it better in the next set.

the pictures are good, very good quality, and Patricia is very sexy in black stockings, you have just to take a complete photos from feet to head, we like to see her high heels shoes too 🙂 and the photos, try to make at least 24 minimum

Hi. OK. We will try to do more then 20 pictures in the future

I really like those !!!

Because Patricia really looks like my favorite movie

character Eve from the 1989 movie See No Evil Hear No Evil



this is Eve from the movie

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Thank you. It's also one of my favorite set of pictures with Patricia 😉

Thank you for sharing !!!

I hope to see more Patricia dressed like that


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Thank you for the input. We look what's possible.

Can watch that movie on line