Everyday in december we will publish a new pictures with Patricia and one of her guns. Of course for free!






11 Replies to “PSSMWG Holiday Calendar 2019”

  1. some of the pics were also in the 2014 edition. This is sad the frequency of paid galleries, videos is so erratic. When sasha “get” Patricia, he should make dozens sets of pictures then release them monthly to make this site live because despite the ******** beauty of patricia this will end in a mess for followers.

    1. Oh…I have read some older comments from you. The only thing you can is to gripe (the pictures are not good etc.). Why do visit this page when everything is shit for you? The page has no monthly fee. Of course it would be nice to have more updates, but you have not invested money on a montly base, so I don’t see your problem.

    2. Hi grigri

      Thank you for the feedback.

      I see your point but I’ve wrote it more than one time, that I have bigger problems with my health at the moment. This site is 2 person project and I try my best to keep the site running and I’m sorry that we had a big lack of updates at the moment.

      Today we will shot some new pictures for the calendar, so for the upcoming days new pictures will be published.

      1. Hi sasha, I’m sorry for the comment, don’t get it wrong though, your health is more important than a website and naturally you have to take care of you first. What I suggested and it’s not only about lately but since the beginning of this website that I follow since several years, maybe you should make several paying sets when you have the opportunity that you would release on a regular base to keep the audience and it would leave you more time for you. For example you have made some fantastic sets that you left some pictures on low resolution for free, why have you never released them as monthly paying stuffs? Take care of you and your health

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