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  1. Patricia,

    Could you think about making a movie where you’re killing your boyfriend, or better half. You tell him you’re just tired of him, let him kiss you one more time, and then shoot him in the gut and watch him die slowly? Something along those lines. Be nice, and smile while you’re doing him. Shoot him a couple of more times after you’ve enjoyed him suffering for a while. In the gut again. Then sit on his stomach, rub your hips on him a bit, then shoot him in the head. Just a scene I happen to like.

    Thanks for the site! You’re wonderful!


  2. I read Valfough’s idea for a story line and wondered that it could be expanded on.

    For example, the story starts out with an outdoor meeting between Patricia and her boyfriend. They have a nice lunch and promise to meet up at his place about 6 that evening as Patricia has a meeting that will take up most of the afternoon.

    The next scene would be one where Patricia learns that her meeting has been rescheduled to another day. She tries to call her boyfriend to tell him she will arrive early but there is no answer. She decides to surprise him.

    The next scene finds her quietly letting herself into his apartment and going to the bedroom where she finds him sleeping under a pile of covers. She doesn’t wake him and instead undresses. As she is undressing her boyfriend stirs a bit and in doing so the covers shift and show another woman in bed spooning with him.

    Patricia is shocked then gets a really pissed look. She turns and retrieves her PPK (more bullets for this story line). At this point, she wakes them both. The other woman is terrified and rolls out of bed and bolts for the door…only to be shot in the back by Patricia. She falls to the floor but is not yet dead.

    Patricia turns her attention to her boyfriend…tells him what she’s going to do to him in graphic detail and then kills him slowly with, say, four bullets. She dresses and on her way out of the room the other woman groans. At this point, assuming that Patricia had her PPK loaded with 6 in the clip and one in the chamber, she should have two rounds left……which she proceeds to pump into the other girl. She puts the PPK away and leaves.



    1. Well, I don’t tend to like revenge plots. In fact, I don’t like it when female killers aren’t, how to say it, almost giggly when they kill. Having fun. Laughing, teasing, smiling. Anything even remotely related to revenge, and it might as well be some Drill Instructor doing the killing. It totally ruins the whole experience for me. Hell, if I screwed around on Patricia, I wouldn’t blame her for blowing me away, and totally without any sexual content to the kill. On the other hand, if I was totally innocent, and she just, dammit, felt like seeing me writhe in agony at her feet, just primarily to get off on the experience. That’s perfect.

      I liked the line in “Cemetary High”, where the female killer has just rammed a couple of guys into a wall with her car. Has them pinned to the wall. She whips out her gun, waves it at them with a bit of a smirk, like “here’s what’s coming boys!”, and they go “What did I do to deserve this?” and she says “You were born.”, and blows them both away, and then blows the smoke away from the hot gun barrel. No reason, she just, well, dangit, felt like whacking a couple of guys. Loved it.

  3. Thanks for the new video! Only comment I could think of is that the music is a little overwhelming. One of the things that you guys do so well is the realism, including sounds…but the music somewhat drowned out the sound of the cartridges sliding into the revolver. The report of the pistol also seemed a little compromised. Sometimes, less is more!

    But those are minor comments… guys rock.



  4. Hi Patricia,

    thanks for the new video, is cool and you great. But the music is a little…
    and the idea of ” Valfough” is good, I like 🙂

    Greetings from northern Germany to Switzerland 🙂

  5. Patricia / Sascha,

    The re-edit is certainly better. There is a lot going on sound-wise that you don’t want to cover up or muddle….e.g., the click of Patricia’s heels on the floor, the cartridges being inserted into the cylinder, the cylinder being locked into place, etc. I just re-watched “The Movie, Part 1” which is very well done with no sound other than what is going on with Patricia and her victim……great stuff!

    BTW, is there a Part 2 to “The Movie” in the works?



  6. Patricia, for me you are so good. I love your attitude, your litte smile when you shoot. For me the music is very cool and I love it. But the ultimate thing is: The gun is smoking so hot in this clip…WOW..I can only say GREAT.

  7. Hi Patricia, Hi Sasha, the video is very good, i very like it, Patricia is so sexy on it, next time please show us exactly how she upload the gun, kissing every bullet she put on the gun, and don’t forget miniskirt, black sheer stockings and high heels pumps please, thanks 🙂

  8. Dang you guys are picky.

    All I have to say about the new movie is:
    1. Some black lace lingerie would have been worth dying for. And the initial scene, Patricia would whack the guy on the back of the head with the door. Her first words would be “Looking for me??” In a sweet, sexy voice. Then, she’d walk over to they guy laying on the floor, slip off the robe, showing her body, and go, “Sexy boy, we need to have a little talk.”.
    2. Then, she’d start asking who sent him. He’d be scared, going “They’ll kill me!”. And Patricial would go “Poor baby… We don’t want that to happen.” blast his kneecap, and say “They’d spoil my fun!”. Now, who sent you. If you still have body parts after you tell me, we might be able to have some fun.”. This could go on for a bit… shoot this part, tease, shot that part… finally…
    3. He gives in, and tells her who sent him… and Patricia goes “Dammit, you worthless slut! You still had several parts left. Now what am I going to do?”. He goes… “Huh??? I jus told you…” to which Patricia plugs him in the gut and says “Stupid boy. I don’t care who sent you.” Shoots him in the gut again.. “In fact, I hope they send more.” Another shot to the gut… “Hopefully, the next one will last a bit longer than you.” Thats when she bends over him, puts the gun in his mouth, rubs herself on his chest, smiles, and spatters his brains on the bathroom floor.

    See, I’m not nearly as picky as you guys. 🙂

    I nominate myself as Patricia’s next writer, director and co-star. I work for free. All I ask, is a slow bloody death.

  9. One very short clip that I don’t see on your site anymore is TRR2….only about 10 seconds….the clip is a close up of Patricia and her face as she squeezes off a round from her PPK. Short but very nice!


  10. Just found this site, its great


    I love all these videos! especially the Burgular girl video, I really like your attitude, and you look very sexy when you blew that kiss to the victim after you shot him in the heart, that scene was very sexy! I liked his realistic pain reaction! and the editing was brilliant. I would love to see more videos involving heart shots & multiple chest shots, and see you smiling and smirking at the victim. I also love seeing you load bullets into the chamber of your guns! – you look Very sexy doing that!!

    So glad I found your site! You’re wonderful!



  11. Hi, I discovered this site and I have seen all your movies, they are awesome. Congratulations.

    I would like to make a suggestion: it would be great if in the movies the victim is gagged with a lot of duct tape. And if you show how Patricia or Rose puts the gag to the victim they would be the best movies on the net.

    Thanks again for your excellent job and kind regards from Spain.


  12. well, ther is the one were patricia handcuffs you to a bed and shoots you and the one were she kills you in your sleep and there also were one were she was wering something pink as I remember.

  13. I ‘ve been waiting so long for a movie update. Today I enjoyed the last update on youtube, double kill – GOOD. In my opinion, it is the best public movie you ever made. May be there are some custom movies including special wishes which are exciting in a similar way or more exciting, but we dont’t know about that. Thanks a lot for that new movie to Pat and Sasha. Congratulations for that fantastic work.

  14. I just have donated the new video. It ist a pleasure for me to support you continouing your project. It would be nice to include some feminine scenes in the new video like walking on high heels, putting on leather gloves or some scenes, where the camera catches the smiling faces of the fantastic girls.

  15. Double kill the best movie so far, the clothes, the hair cut, the bitchy attitude, the threat, the fear, and patricia n her eyes… all the ingredients for a movie !

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